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IKKORYU FUKUOKA RAMEN is a new brand concept launched by Yamagoya Ramen, established since 1970, specializing in CHIKUHO noodles, Tonkotsu soup, Gyoza (Dumplings) and Chashu roast pork.

Tapping on over 40 years of the long tradition through constant innovation, IKKORYU FUKUOKA RAMEN is making her debut to spread the Japanese ramen culture internationally.

With a premium Japanese Ramen cuisine dine-in concept, we promise an indulgent, hearty delicious Japanese Tonkotsu ramen catering to all who wish to experience an authentic Japanese eating lifestyle.

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For those with pure Japanese Ramen indulgence, step foot into the first Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen in Australia. We love Japanese ramen, authentic, delicious, just like you.

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